Oil & Gas Products and Materials

Oil & Gas Products and Materials

Primarily representing principals that are selling materials used in the fabrication of oil and gas production platforms and facilities. In addition, some specialized services and products are also carried by this company.

Wild Well Control, Inc.

Wild Well Control, Inc. is the world’s leading supplier of firefighting, well control and related engineering services to oil and gas operators around the world. Their primary services include:

  • Oil & gas well firefighting
  • Blowout control
  • Gas storage firefighting
  • Marine firefighting

They also provide the following services:

  • Equipment sales and rental
  • Technical Support including Blowout Contingency Plans
  • Training Services
  • Environmental & safety response

The Abumas Group is Wild Well Control’s exclusive agent for Indonesia for all of their services.

Visit website : www.wildwell.com




Tube-Tec manufactures encapsulated control lines and control line clamps / protectors for the oil and gas industry.

Visit website: www.tubetec.co.uk



Founded in 1976, Starline Spa. has grown to be one of the leading companies in the production of small-size ball valves in the world. It extends over 30,000 square meters for a production capacity of 250,000 valves per year. The range of production has expanded now from ½” up to 12″ class 150 – 2500, API6A rate up to 15000 psi in all the possible configurations and materials.

The Abumas Group is Starline’s exclusive agent for Indonesia for all their products.

Visit website : www.starline.it


Sitindustrie Marine

Sitindustrie Marine based in Marseille, has been created to promote and distribute for the worldwide shipbuilding and offshore industries copper nickel pipes and fittings, recognized as the best compromise for seawater corrosion resistant line pipes material.

Visit website: www.sitindustriemarine.com




ORMAT has over four decades of experience in the development, manufacture, and marketing of innovative power systems.

As a world leader in the geothermal power sector, ORMAT brings The ORMAT® Energy Converter (OEC), a Closed Cycle Vapor Turbogenerator (CCVT), which is a fully integrated and tested power system developed for remote applications. Basically a self-contained power package–consisting of a combustion system, a vapor generator, a turbo alternator, an air-cooled condenser, a rectifier, alarms, and controls housed in a shelter–it will supply 200 to 6000 Watts of filtered DC power on a continuous 24 hour per day basis with virtually no maintenance or repairs. Many units have been in continuous operation for 30 years without overhauls. These systems prove ideal for isolated locations in which power is difficult or impossible to acquire and recovered energy sources are available.

The Abumas Group is Ormat’s exclusive agent in Indonesia for all of their OEC products.

Visit website : www.ormat.com


Metrol Technology

Metrol Technology is an international technology company with high profile in the exploration well testing and production / completion departments of world’s major oil and gas companies.

Their products are diverse and unique, each being solely conceived and built by Metrol in response to the needs of the industry:

Oculus Technology – 20/20 vision technology

PARAGON Technology (Paragon 1, 3, 8) offers a flexible, reliable and innovative method of collecting downhole pressure/temperature data at surface from single or multi zone DST’s whether vertical or highly deviated.

Salamander – Ultra High Temperature/High Pressure Quartz Crystal electronic memory, is a robust, electronic memory gauge with quartz crystal accuracy and excellent resolution. It is operating successfully in problematic wells with extreme temperature conditions.

Visit website: www.metrol.co.uk


Matco Asia Pte. Ltd.

Matco represents a network of Professional Supply, Distribution & Representative Companies located throughout the Asia Pacific region. With over 25 years experience, the Group is comprised of Industry Professionals with unmatched familiarity in the promotion and distribution of:

  • Valve Automation & Controls
  • Fluid Power Components
  • Flow Measurement & Controls
  • Level Measurement & Controls
  • Temperature Measurement & Controls

They are also familiar with the promotion and distribution of related Equipment, Engineering and Supply Technologies in the demanding Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, Refining, Pulp & Paper, Water Treatment and Various Process Industries throughout South East Asia.

Visit website : www.matcoasia.com


First Subsea

The UK’s leading supplier of subsea mooring connection systems, First Subsea Ltd is an innovator in subsea mooring systems for deepwater platforms, SPARS, FPSOs, subsea field buoy, pipeline and turret architectures. New markets include marine energy moorings and handling solutions for wind, wave and tidal devices.

Visit website: www.firstsubsea.com


ACE Winches

ACE Winches is a global leader in the design, manufacture and hire of winches, marine deck machinery and the provision of associated hire personnel for the offshore oil and gas, marine and renewable energy industries.

ACE Winches is the expert partner to manage the total project solution from concept design through to manufacture, testing, installation, commissioning, operation, training and ongoing client support.

Operating in over 50 countries ACE Winches specialise in reliable, safe solutions that deliver.

Visit website: www.ace-winches.com

Ace Winches


Since 2002 ENERTRADE has earned an excellent reputation as a leading supplier for piping materials and components as Pipes, BW fittings, Flanges, Forged fittings, etc.

We supply material according to relevant specifications for chemical and petrochemical, power, oil energy and gas. Our strength is to procure material in any pattern, grade size with the required delivery time and where the clients wants. ENERTRADE can also answer your special request for taylor made solutions.

Visit website: www.enertrade.com


L.C.M. Italia SpA

L.C.M. Italia, established in 1986, is a fast-growing Company specialized in the design and production of API 6D and API 6A Floating and Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves for Oil, Chemical, Petrochemical, Pipeline, Natural Gas and Water Industries, Off-shore and Onshore Plants, all over the world.

The production unit extends over 17,000 m2 of covered area, plus 8,000 m2 of open yard. The range of production is from ½” through 60’’, pressure rating API6D thru 25000Lbs, API6A thru 15000, all valve types (Side entry, Top Entry, Fully welded).

Visit website: www.lcmitalia.com


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