Corporate Structure

Corporate Structure

abumas-04Indonesian law maintains that in order for an overseas manufacturer or company to provide services and supplies to the local market, an Indonesian PT company must be involved. This requires the overseas business to appoint a local PT company as an agent or representative to work on their behalf to enable them to conduct business legally according to Indonesian law. In order to provide different types of services and/or supplies to the Indonesian market, PT companies may need different types of government licenses, which a singular PT company may be prohibited in acquiring. Therefore, to provide numerous products and services in Indonesia, it may be necessary to form or appoint several PT companies to fulfill the business needs.

This explains the necessity for the Abumas Group to maintain two separate companies. Each company maintains various licenses to conduct business within a certain industry and /or market level. Therefore enabling the group to fulfill any business related transaction that a principal and / or customer may be presented with. This flexibility has enabled the Abumas Group to provide a service to it’s principals and customers that not many other organizations can provide.

Currently, the group consists of the following:


PT. Abumas Albindo

Primarily representing principals that are selling materials used in the fabrication of oil and gas production platforms and facilities. In addition, some specialized services and products are also carried by this company.


PT. Hempart Indonesia

Focused on supplying qualified manpower services to the Oil and Gas industry in Indonesia and on a worldwide basis. The company has supplied contractors to many of the major Oil and Gas companies in Indonesia and has been successful securing contracts in Kuwait, UAE, Libya, Kazakhstan, Nigeria and Brazil.

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East Kalimantan - Indonesia
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